ACHA Certification

The first step in certification is having your experience reviewed by an independent body of peers who carefully examine the portfolio submitted by a candidate. Once the level of required experience is confirmed, the candidate is approved to sit for the examination.

ACHA Recertification Renewal

All active ACHA certificate holders must successfully complete 12 learning unit (LU) hours specific to healthcare each year. The renewal period is November 1 - December 31 each year.

Enroll in a program

Click on a program to review the requirements necessary for (initial) certification or ACHA recertification renewal. Please follow these steps for enrollment:

  1. Sign in to the website with your ACHA user name and password
  2. If you are a new exam applicant, you will need to create a new account
  3. Review the requirements and noted deadlines

Complete the requirements

Once enrolled, you can view your progress towards certification or recertification by completing each of the steps required for completion.

Tip: Record completion = Click to complete

Complete the program

Your certification application and portfolio will be evaluated by independent peer review panel. If approved to sit for the exam, you will receive detailed information about scheduling your exam. Please allow 6-8 weeks following the deadline by which your application was submitted (Feb. 1 or April 1).

Your recertification renewal will be reviewed for completion and will be approved providing you have submitted the documentation and paid your recertification dues.